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I am Dídac Rocher, professional voice over talent in Spanish from Spain and Central Catalan. I also dominate the variant of Western Catalan or Valencian.

My voice is dynamic and youthful, but I can also modulate it towards more serious and warm tones.


I enjoy transmitting with my voice the emotion and the message that the clients and creatives have imagined. My specialty is advertising for radio, television, cinema, internet ... I am also an voice talent for corporate, institutional, e-learning, motivational videos ...


Another discipline that I love is dubbing, putting myself in the skin of movie characters and giving them life, and that also gives me the ability to interpret.


I am also a singer-songwriter and rhapsodist, and this creative and artistic facet allows me to explore other expressive facets with the voice (you can listen to me here:


I have my own professional studio since I deliver my voice overs works with the highest quality, but I also move to any studio if required (such as if the client or agency wants to be present and supervise the recording).

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