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This is the equipment of my professional recording studio

As a professional online broadcaster, I care about offering the highest quality. That is why I have a soundproof studio with a special acoustic treatment for voice over and professional recording equipment, so that my voice-overs have optimal quality.


But if you are used to working with an agency or production company and prefer to record from another studio, I can easily move to where you want or we can make a live connection through skype, source connect, SessionLinkPro, Cleanfeed ...

Hear some of my work here.

studio bricks.jpeg

Studiobricks are some of the best soundproof booths on the market. With a patented system and high-quality materials, and with a special acoustic treatment to record voices. With this cabin you have a professional recording studio set up in your home.

Studiobricks One Plus XXL

(a professional soundproofed and acoustically conditioned recording studio for voices)

This mic convinced me from the first moment, due to the quality it offers in the recording. It is a cardioid condenser microphone with anti-shake support, a combination of technical precision and artistic inspiration. The AT4040 offers a large, advanced diaphragm, specifically tensioned to provide a natural, smooth sound with low noise levels and a wide dynamic range.

AT 4040 micro

There is no microphone that can resist the charms of this sound card. Apogee Duet is a 2-channel professional audio interface with headphone amplification and MIDI I / O that allow you to make professional recordings. With legendary Apogee digital audio conversion quality and fully professional mic preamps, Duet is the best way to capture music or vocals in totally incredible detail and dimension.

sound card Apogee duet 2

Software application for professional audio editing.

software Logic Pro X

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